• Top Reasons to Encrypt an Office Use Custom Flash Drive

    More and more businesses, companies, and agencies are using a custom flash drive, especially those that are preloaded.


    Should office-use custom flash drives be encrypted?

    Typically, office-use flash drives that were mass reproduced for the employees are not secured; in other words, anyone can tamper or delete essential data, software, files, presentations, and more.

    So, should an office-use custom flash drives be encrypted?


    Yes, it should be; and here are the top reasons why:


    Reason #1: To avoid tampering essential data or file

    A custom flash drive that is preloaded with password encryption can help secure all essential data and file from being tampered or deleted, especially when two or three employees are using the same flash drives for office use and updates.


    Even though 1 out of 5 instances that companies or agencies are giving one flash drive to two or three employees to use, there are unavoidable circumstances that the employee will delete essential files that shouldn’t be deleted; for instance, a load of presentation must be saved to the USB flash drive but there is not enough space, the employee is pushed to delete other preloaded data that can be vital to work-related tasks. So, to secure preloaded flash drives, adding the password encryption as the USB’s preloaded tool is the best option you can have.


    Reason #2: To keep sensitive information securely stored from hackers

    Did you know that there is an alarming increase in cybersecurity breach each year? In fact, according to the statistics in 2017, there are over 130 large-scale cybersecurity breaches that had occurred in the US and are alarmingly increasing by 27 percent each year.


    If you want to keep your every sensitive information from leaking out or tampered by cyber criminals or those people who have an ill intention to the company or the agency you have to use password encryption and add the “non-erasable” tool that will lock your content from being tampered or deleted off of your file. At this helpful site, you’ll find reliable preloading services that include security encryption and non-erasable content tool.


    Government agencies, banks, insurance companies, and other companies who handle and keep their customer’s information should use methods to keep it from the hands of the criminals and because it is the right thing to do.


    Reason #3: To keep the employees from using the office USB flash drives from personal use

    Adding security options to an office-use USB flash drive will keep the employees from using the device for personal exploitation. They’ll be inclined to add videos of their favorite movie or a couple of music to listen because the USB flash drive they are using has security features that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Check this page out to know how to add security features to the USB flash drives you have in your office.


    Final Thoughts

    There are a lot of good reasons why encrypting an office use flash drive is very useful – it keeps all content secured from tampering or deleting, it keeps essential files and your company from encountering cybersecurity breach, and it is the right thing to do.

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